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Assertive Criminal Defense

We hope to provide quality representation effectively and efficiently. We strive to meet all of our clients' needs and concerns, regardless of the complexity or difficulty of the matter. As a result, The Law Office of Charles White has the dedication, fortitude and commitment to see your matter to a proper resolution.

Know Your Legal Rights!

Have you been arrested for a serious drug offense or sex crime in the greater Indianapolis area? Was an illegal search and seizure a factor in your arrest? Are your driving privileges in jeopardy, due to DUI/DWI charges?

Don't simply plead guilty. You have rights. Protecting those rights is why the Law Office of Charles White was founded. We offer assertive criminal defense representation to all of our clients.
A misdemeanor conviction could mean less than a year in jail for you. A felony could bring more than a year in prison. We alert you to all options and potential penalties. We want you to know what is happening to you, from start to finish of the process. Here are some qualities and credentials of our law firm that you should know: action guaranteed.

Law Office of Charles White: Top-Shelf Attention, Forward-Looking Solutions.

Our Goals

Our future goals include keeping on the "cutting edge" of the legal community, taking advantage of the growing opportunities becoming available over the Internet, and taking advantage of every opportunity to continue giving our clients unique, dedicated, personal and skilled legal representation. While our firm and client base continue to grow, we will concentrate on maintaining the close relationship with our clients that they have come to expect.

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